Monday, July 11, 2011


Tonight I met a new friend at a new coffee shop. Rachelle and I are bridesmaids in a wedding this summer. When we met at the bridal shower a few weeks ago, I knew we were kindred spirits.

She suggested we meet at Aroma Coffee & Tea in Studio City (which made me happy because I was about to suggest that we meet there too.) I've never been to Aroma, but I love their sister restaurant Alcove (where Zach took me the day we got engaged.)

I wasn't disappointed. Aroma is as adorable as I expected:

But, then again, who doesn't love sitting outside on a warm summer night with an iced chai and a new friend (who already feels like an old friend)?

1 comment:

  1. this post makes me feel so special!!!! you feel like an old friend too, lovely! :o) and i absolutely love, love, love your blog. so pretty and adventurous!


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