Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bachelorettes and Juice

This weekend, I got to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of my best friends (Jana McCarthy) with an amazing bachelorette party.  In honor of the festivities, Jana's sister Erica found us a beautiful beach house in Newport - right on the bay. Could this view be any better?

Jana looked so pretty - and was such a good sport (even when we made her do some fairly embarrassing things.)

Bachelorette party activities are supposed to stay secret though... so that's all I'll say about the matter.

When I got home today, Zach and I headed to Whole Foods to purchase vegetables for our new juicing hobby. We walked away with: cucumbers, carrots, apples, kale, spinach, ginger, celery, mint, parsley, and lemon.

So, for dinner we had:

But it ultimately looked like this:

I must say, I was skeptical at first. But the juice actually tasted pretty good! (Even though the color was slightly unappetizing.) Zach and I are trying out new juice recipes for the rest of the week in an attempt to find some new options for our breakfast.

Don't judge us until you try it! :)

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  1. If you have a vitamix I recommend:
    The Green Smoothie
    1 cup water
    1 apple cut into 8 pieces (halve, halve and halve again)
    about 1/4 of a lime - peel included
    baby spinach up 2/3 of the way or 2 - 3 cups
    and 1 - 2 cups frozen fruit (like Costco has/tropical mix)
    The lime cuts the green flavor of the spinach.
    that's it. Mix for up to a minute once it has blended. Very smooth, refreshing and you'll have most of your servings of fruits and veggies in for the day. I am surprised if I am hungry before lunch.


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