Sunday, July 17, 2011


For the past two months, the LA Department of Transportation has been telling Angelinos to stay home on July 16-17 due to "Carmageddon."

Because of a freeway closure over the weekend, they were expecting traffic throughout the city to be "gridlocked..." So, everyone (according to a recent poll at my office) planned on camping out at home and watching movies all weekend.

Zach and I followed the rules on Friday night.

We walked to Freshii for dinner.

Not the best food we've ever had, but good (and healthy.)

Then, we counteracted the healthiness with these yummies (from World Market) while watching "Minority Report" (since Zach was appalled that I'd never seen it.)

On Saturday, after running some errands (which included picking up these:)

(... and this:)

... we decided to brave the traffic and head to Orange County for my friend Angi's birthday party at The Auld Irisher. Interestingly enough... the freeways were completely clear (why can't it be Carmageddon every weekend?)

We celebrated our good fortune (and her 26 years) with Guinness and Bangers & Champ.

Happy birthday Angi!

My husband can't seem to take a normal picture. 

Today we met up with Zach's friend Brad and his girlfriend Staci at Lemonade (one of my absolute favorite restaurants) for lunch.

But not before wandering around Whole Foods. How hot is my husband?

In other news, my birthday's in 22 days! If you're reading this Zach, I'd like a puppy. This one:


Ok. I'll settle for this dress. Or, this one... Just some ideas.

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  1. 2 things....

    1. You hadn't yet seen Minority Report!?! Appalling!

    2.) Yeah, he is kinda hot. In that last photo I see a young Matthew Fox or Matt Dillon....and by last photo, I don't mean the dog :D


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