Sunday, July 31, 2011

Full and Happy

This morning, my mom asked where we find our favorite restaurants. Usually, it's through friends or Yelp... But today's breakfast destination was a suggestion from American Way (that's the boring, complimentary America Airlines magazine that you read on long flights.) When I was traveling last month, I stumbled across a review of Shaky Alibi. Supposedly, they have the most amazing liege waffles ever...

Luckily, the restaurant is only three blocks from our house. And, with my parents in town, we had an excuse to go out for breakfast. We weren't disappointed!

The place reminded us all of a little European cafe. I fell in love with the decor - including the chandelier in the main dining room.

On our way home, we visited Heath Ceramics (I'm obsessed with this store.) The have the coolest mid-century pottery and a beautiful ceramic studio in back.

I bought this little guy:

I couldn't resist! He matches my kitchen.

In the afternoon (after walking around Rodeo Drive), we stopped by Sprinkles. As a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, I want to tell the world that these are my favorite cupcakes of all time. So moist and delicious... and adorable! How can you not love them??


Finally, we ended the evening with a little birthday celebration (did I mention that my birthday is in 9 days?) at a German sausage restaurant in downtown LA: Wurstkuche. I made dorky birthday hats for all my friends to wear. I'm still surprised that they actually did.

The food was ingenious (in fact, I'm a little jealous that I didn't think of the restaurant idea first.) Such a simple menu: just different kinds of sausage, fries and beer (and boxed water?)

The dinning room is set up like a Munich beer garden - with long wooden tables and masses of people. We had to fight for seats all together... but we did it (and got lots of compliments on our hats, thank you very much.)

All in all, a good day - with the BEST food. I'm planning on sleeping full and happy tonight. :)

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