Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beating the Heat

While NYC is being tormented by Hurricane Irene's wind and rain this weekend, in Los Angeles we're finally seeing summer.

This weekend, it's HOT. Even the city seems to be trying to cool itself down (as witnessed by this burst pipe I saw on my way home from work):

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not especially thrilled about this. When Zach and I moved into our new apartment (in winter) we saw that it had a window airconditioning unit... but we never asked if it worked. And, surprise! It doesn't. Hot summer days are pretty brutal.

But, so far this weekend we've managed to stay fairly cool.

Last night we beat the heat by meeting our friends Matt and Angi for drinks at The Dresden. A scene from the cult classic Swingers was filmed here -  and it features the most wonderfully horrible lounge musicians, Marty and Elayne (pictured below on location.)


Today, after breakfast at BLD, we closed all the windows, shut all the blinds, turned on all the fans, blasted our broken airconditioner, and watched movies all day. We talked about going out... but then generally decided that "It was too hot."

The heat took away our appetites - but we did manage to make some pretty fabulous milkshakes.

Ingredients: vanilla ice cream, nutella, peanut butter and milk. De-li-cious.

(I ran out of ice cream, so they weren't very big... it's probably better that way.)

Looks like tomorrow's going to be just as hot. What are you doing to beat the heat??

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  1. I'm going back to the Dresden to hang out with Marty & Elayne. Because they are so cool.


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