Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Halfway to 50

My birthday this year was met with some melancholy. I turned 25... which is halfway to 50... which is halfway to 100... which is, well, you get the picture. Quarter life crisis anyone?

Luckily, my coworkers and husband were able to cheer me up. I came to work on Monday to a decorated office and Harry Potter themed cupcakes (being that I finished the 7th book on Sunday.)

For lunch, I splurged and went to my favorite bakery: Euro Pane. The have the BEST egg salad sandwich. But, being that I've had a lot of eggs lately (awkward?) I opted for chicken salad. Yum!

In the evening, Zach and I had the intention of visiting MOCA for their Art in the Streets exhibit. In fact, we even showed up to buy tickets... only to find out it closes at 5pm on Mondays! Bummer.

Then, we tried LACMA for the Tim Burton exhibit. But, by the time we got there, we only had an hour until closing (not worth the $20 per person.) Fail!

So, we ended up just going home and celebrating with Thai takeout and these (thanks, husband!):

To extend the birthday celebration (and to make up for the MOCA bummer last night), Zach and I decided to try again and celebrate via Alcove tonight (one of my all-time favorite restaurants.)

We sat outside...

...ate the Apple, Brie, and Caramelized Onion panini...

...and drank Triple Carmelite.

Best. Food. Ever.

Oh, and my amazing husband surprised me with the cutest Anthropologie outfit.

And, my mom got me the new Toms sunglasses.

And, my aunt sent me the cutest card. 

So, even though I'm getting older and older (and that's sort-of depressing.) I'm surrounded by people that love me... and that's worth celebrating. Bring on 26!

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  1. Just wait until you turn 28. The realization that you are only two years away from 30 will be far more jolting than the thought of 50 coming around the bend. :-) Eh, it's really not so bad.


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