Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mad Men

Ever since I started working at an advertising agency, I’ve been told “You need to watch Mad Men.”
Zach and I avoided it for 3.5 years… But now that the entire series is free on Netflix (*yay!), we’ve caved. Currently, we’re exactly 4 episodes in.

And so far, our Mad Men routine looks a lot like this:  
About halfway into the episode, Zach pauses the show, turns to me and says “It couldn’t have been this bad.” Then, I proceed to rant about the plight of women in America. Three minutes into my speech (in which “WASP,” “male dominance” and “discrimination” are each mentioned 3 times,) my husband (who, for the record, is actually very pro-feminism) turns back to the computer and drowns out my voice by turning the volume up as loud as possible.
Fun, right?
So, although I’m just catching up with the rest of the American population, I’m jumping into this obsession with both feet.
I’m already planning to throw away all my clothes and replace them with these:

I’m going to buy Banana Republic’s entire Mad Men line.

I'm going to collect all the Mad Men Barbie dolls. 

And... (wait for it)... I'm going to audition to be a character on Season 5. 

Well, maybe not. But it WOULD be fun (especially if I got to keep the clothes.) 

1 comment:

  1. Love those clothes too! And you would look so cute in them!


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