Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prescott Birthday Celebration

Zach, his sister Kara, and I drove to Prescott, Arizona this weekend for a Piepmeyer family birthday celebration (there are A LOT of family birthdays in August.) We passed the 6-hour drive time with Tina Fey's "Bossypants" audiobook (which helped to take my mind of the scary mountain roads we had to cross...)

We got to Zach's mom's house just in time for dinner: spaghetti, with the most divine wine. Here's Kara modeling with dinner. OK, maybe she's not modeling on purpose... but isn't she stunning?

Zach's grandma ("Mooms") is currently visiting from Florida. She's a hoot! Dinner was filled with lots of laughter...

Prescott is such a fun little town. Today, we spent the afternoon wandering in and out of galleries in the downtown area. A lot of the art was, well, interesting? But, I loved the way the light caught these:

When we got home, we made pork, chicken and shrimp shish kabobs (with pineapple, mushrooms, peppers, olives... yum, yum, yum.)  Zach and I were in charge of the barbeque. It was the first time I'd really used a barbeque (without the supervision of my dad) but I think we did pretty well.

For dessert, Zach's mom made the most amazing cheesecake (recipe here.) Dark chocolate layered cheesecake (drizzled with butterscotch, white chocolate, and dark chocolate)? Yes please!

I love visiting family! I'm already dreading leaving tomorrow afternoon (and not excited about that 6 hour drive home...)

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