Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cold Enough for Coats

It's time to talk coats. 

Autumn's here and winter's a comin' and I need a new coat. A good coat. A good, solid, warm coat. 

The last coat I got was from H&M. And we all know that H&M's product quality is, eh, not so much. 


I'm determined to get the best coat ever

Let's start with this awesome yellow one.
It doesn't have full sleeves (so, not very warm).... but it's so fun and unique. 

[find it here]

Or, I could go for REALLY REALLY warm option.
No fear of freezing here.
And, it's classic enough that I could wear it with my work clothes.
(It may also be waterproof? I'd need to check on that... But if so, then it's great for trips to Portland.)

[find it here]

Here's the classic classic.
 Always an important staple of every wardrobe.
Sad to say I'm currently lacking this important staple of every wardrobe. 

[find it here]

Then again, classic seems sorta boring.
And, if I'm going to spend lots of money on a good coat, shouldn't it have some elements of fun?
Like this coat with some cute plaid detailing (plaid is very "in" this season, by the way.)

[find it here]

Mmmm. The shape of this one is fabulous. Totally in love with the collar. 

[find it here]

Finally, I gotta represent.
Frances May (maker of the rad coat below) is based in Portland...
The attached hoodie is as practical as it is beautiful.  

[find it here]

Oh, the options! Which one should I choose?!?

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