Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Covered in Chalk

I made this. 

Well... technically I didn't make it. I'm not a carpenter. BUT, I did sand it, paint it (twice), write on it, and install new knobs. So, I pretty much made it. 

Look at what it used to be: 

It was definitely in need of a makeover.

Chalkboard paint is super annoying though. I thought you can just paint it onto something, let it dry, and then attack it with chalk. Nope. 

There's lots of waiting involved. 

Like, after you paint the first coat (example below)...

... you have to wait 4 hours before painting the second coat (example below). 

Then, you have to wait THREE DAYS before writing on it. 

Just waiting...

and waiting....

and waiting....

Totally a buzz kill. Thanks, chalkboard paint.

After three days, you're supposed to cover it in chalk. 

Then, wipe it off (geez, this is the longest process ever.)

Then... and only then... can you let your imagination run wild (by writing whatever the heck you want.) 

One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice. So, I wrote out the part of the book where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally express their true feelings for each other. 

I kind of like it. 

What do you think? Too much?

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