Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn in Oak Glen

One of the things I miss most about Portland is... autumn. 
{photo from here}

When October hits in the Northwest, it really feels like fall: the mornings are foggy and crisp, people start wearing their sweaters and boots, the leaves change colors, and pumpkin patches crop up everywhere.

It doesn't really work that way in LA. In fact, this week it was 100 degrees on multiple days. (Ugh.)

So, since autumn has failed to show itself in this city, Zach and I decided that we were going to find it for ourselves. And this weekend, we made the 1.5 hour drive to Oak Glen - a little town in the mountains that's popular for it's cooler temperatures, apple orchards and autumn celebrations. 

We might have picked the wrong weekend. 

Remember how I mentioned that LA was a complete furnace this week? That still made Oak Glen a spicy 85*. Nonetheless, we managed to have fun and "experience" fall - despite the heat.

We stopped at Snow Line Orchard to see the multiple varieties of apples they sold... and to experience their "famous" mini apple donuts and apple cider (sugar overload!)

Tasty little guys.   

Then we headed to Los Rios Rancho - where we toured the pumpkin patch and corn maze. 

(Seriously? I married a model.)

 One of my favorite parts: watching cider being made.

 Hubs wasn't feeling that well, so we spent part of the afternoon in a little park napping under these amazing trees.

 We didn't want to drive all the way back to Los Angeles in the evening, so we booked a night's stay at the Highland Springs Resort in Cherry Valley (I'd found it on the internet.) It turned out to be a random little campground (?) with cabins and tennis courts and lavender fields...

Zach was feeling really sick at this point, so we didn't get a lot of time to explore the grounds. But, I did sneak away to get a few pics...

Even though we didn't necessarily get to experience "autumn" weather, I still feel like we had a nice break. Today, we're completely relaxed (Zach's feeling a lot better, for the record) and ready for a new week!

Happy (almost) Monday!

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