Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Coop

We're getting chickens.

[photo from here]

Well... not yet.

But, it's been decided that whenever we have our own backyard, we're building a chicken coop for 3 little hens.

City and/or suburban chicken raising is quickly gaining popularity (and not just among hipsters and environmentalists). There's a good reason.

Not only do chickens lay eggs everyday, but (if you feed them right) the eggs are all organic: no pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals. And apparently, the eggs taste better than anything you can find in the store. Plus, if you have a garden (which is definitely in our plan) the chickens help you maintain your plants by eating bugs and providing fertilizer.

Still not interested? Well, what if I told you that chickens can be very funny and happy little pets - that require less care than a dog or cat? 

Persuaded yet?

[photo from here]

How 'bout now?

I mean, really. Who wouldn't want one of these cute little coops in their backyard?

[photo from here]

[photo from here]

[photo from here]

[photo from here]

Want to know more about chickens in the city? Read up here, here and here.

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