Monday, October 3, 2011

Going Paleo

We’ve gone Paleo.

To be frank, this was my husband’s idea. But (except for a minor meltdown while making our grocery list for the week), I’m totally on board… at least for now.

The Paleo (short for “Paleolithic”) diet is an eating regimen based on the diet of early humans - before they domesticated grains and animals. So, the rules are basically this: no carbs, no dairy.

At first it sounded easy (“Psh. I don’t even eat carbs or dairy.”) That is, until reality set it. No corn? No beans? No tortillas? No yogurt? No sour cream? No milkshakes? WHY?!?

{crafting healthy lunches for the week}

Today was our first day. Altogether, I’ve eaten 4 strawberries, 2 handfuls of blueberries, a hard-boiled egg, 2 handfuls of almonds, 2 salads (with balsamic vinaigrette and no cheese), an apple, a tilapia filet, and 4 ounces of brussel sprouts. Pretty dang healthy, right? And, I only craved carbs for the entire afternoon... 

We’ve decided that we can’t be crazy about this. I still want to bake pumpkin-y stuff this month… and we’re going on vacation in a few weeks… and what if we get invited to someone’s house for dinner? So, we’ll probably be cheating here and there. But, for the most part, we really need to eat more vegetables. And this seems like an interesting?, funny?, crazy? way to force us into it.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress…


  1. please tell me that the paleolithic peoples drank wine during happy hour:-)

  2. yes. i'm pretty sure they did... excited to see you tonight!


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