Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween... with the Bluths

On Friday night, we had our awesome Halloween party... that we've been planning for one whole week.

Among the visitors were: 

1) An escaped convict and his... girlfriend. 

2) Steve Jobs and Siri. 

3) A lazy person.

4) And... the Bluths. 

The night before our party, Zach and I finally decided we were going to be Lucille Bluth and her grandson George Michael (from Arrested Development.) I wore Lucille's typical outfit (complete with martini, finger quotes, wrinkles, tazer and a wink) and Zach wore George Michael's short sleeved button up and banana stand apron (with a "Mr. Manager" name tag.)

See the resemblance? No? Well, it's close enough.


What were you for Halloween?

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