Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making Felt Balls

I keep seeing the cutest felt-ball garlands online.

I guess I could just buy one... but that's too easy. And, I hate paying for decorations that I could technically make myself. So this week I decided that "I could do that."

Ultimately, I want to make a garland that wraps around our Christmas tree. But, since December's still far away, I thought I'd practice by making some extra autumn decorations for our mantle.

Here's what I did.

Step 1: Made golf ball sized yarn balls (I've heard that wool yarn is the best to use.)

Step 2: Layered "roving" (in a crisscross pattern) until there were no holes. I bought this roving at Michaels (because it was cheap), and it worked OK. I've heard that the roving from Outback Fibers is better though.

Side note: I also tried a different kind of roving in a brown-ish color. It didn't work as well as the maroon roving, but it did make a fun sort of toupee.

Step 3: Wrapped the roving around the yarn balls and slowly slide it into an old pair of pantyhose.  Wrapped string around the pantyhose between each ball - so none were touching.

Step 4: Ran the pantyhose (with the balls inside) through the wash - in cold water. I added a little bit of detergent. When the cycle was done, I carefully cut the balls out of the pantyhose, and...

Step 4: I strung twine through the balls and added them (along with my home-made felt flag garland) to the mantle.

Fun, huh? I can't wait to do it again for Christmas!

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