Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Proposal

Today (October 2) marks the one-year anniversary of the day Zach proposed.

For those of you who don't know the story, I was completely surprised. Ok, not "completely" surprised. I knew it was coming soon, I just didn't know when... and I sure didn't think it was happening on October 2.

Why? Because I made the plans for that particular Saturday. I told Zach that I wanted to go out for coffee (at Intelligentsia) and then go for lunch. He was supposed to pick out the restaurant and then plan the rest of the afternoon.

We got off to a rough start.

He arrived at my house around 10 - ready to go. I, on the other hand, was still in my pajamas and watching re-runs of "Friends" in my room. (What? We were just going to get coffee. Why rush to get out the door?)

It was tense there for a while... But, I managed to pull myself together within a hasty 30 minutes.

That interaction behind us, we headed for Silverlake. The whole time we were drinking our coffee, Zach was fidgety. He kept asking if we could get lunch as soon as possible - because he was "hungry."

But then when we got to Alcove, he barely ate any of his food. So weird.

As we finished our lunch, he mentioned that his work friends were talking about a little dessert restaurant in Griffith Park. He asked if I wanted to go get some pie and spend the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. Since there was nothing else on the agenda, I agreed and we headed up to The Trails.

We ordered our rhubarb pie, and were about to sit down at one of the picnic tables, when Zach said he saw this really pretty area of the park when we drove in (Fern Dell) and thought it would be nice to eat down there. So, we grabbed out pie and headed back down the trail back towards the park entrance.

I was talking the entire time - so I didn't realize that Zach was leading me off the beaten path. We walked up a little hill into a clearing, and stumbled upon this:

At first, it didn't register. I totally thought we'd walked into a shrine, or a gravesite. It was only when I saw the sign that I realized what was happening.

And then I burst into tears.

There was a pile of ring boxes in the middle of the blanket. Zach explained that I had to open each box in order to find my ring. So, I started. One by one. Each box held a little surprise: Zach had saved ticket stubs of special events, drawn pictures of special memories, and written gushy love notes (which kept the tears coming for a while.) If you ever get invited to our house, you can see them all hanging in our kitchen...

After about 5 minutes of this, Zach got down on one knee, pulled the REAL ring box out of his pocket (sneaky, sneaky) and popped the question. I said "yes." (Quick fact about the ring: I really, really, really wanted an antique ring. And, this one was crafted in the 1920s! I never saw it before Zach proposed, but it's better than I could have imagined. Well done, husband.)

However, the surprises didn't stop there. Zach planned an engagement party at his sister's house that afternoon... and secretly invited my parents to fly down from Portland (ecstatic hugs below.)

Needless to say, it was the best party ever (in part due to the amazing food, sweet family and friends, and happiest of occasions.)

I may be partial, but I think the day was a success. Don't you?


  1. so beautiful! and martini and rossi asti is my fav! adorable story!

  2. Thanks Teila! It was pretty magical. :)


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