Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Marry me. Marry me, my wonderful, darling friend." 

Do you have a go-to movie that just makes you happy each time you watch it? 

Mine is Emma

She kept me company tonight as I crafted a garland for our Christmas tree. 

All of Austen's stories are wonderful, but Emma is my favorite... probably because it's about long-time friends who finally realize they love each other. Not unlike Zach and I. (Although, I always knew I loved him.)


  1. Alison - i love your little blog! I totally agree with you about Emma. It's my favorite. Have you seen the new 3hr version of Emma? About a year ago, PBS or Masterpiece made a new version of it & it is beautiful. You've got to watch it. Keep up the blogging! -Stephanie Sticka

  2. Hey Steph! So happy to hear from you. I just spent some time wandering around your blog - so fun! It seems like you guys are doing really well! :)

    I haven't yet seen this new, 3-hour version of Emma yet... But, I'm totally going to hunt it down and watch it now. Thanks for the suggestion!



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