Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Favorite LA Restaurants: Part 2

This post is a continuation of one I wrote a few weeks ago - a list of Zach and my favorite LA restaurants. (If you missed it last time, read it here.)

Like I mentioned before: we're not experts, we just love a good plate of food. And, in our humble opinion, these are the best places to find them.

Tonight, we pick up with the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to:

6. Daisy Mint in Pasadena

[photo from here]

I'm a sucker for Thai food - and I've eaten at many, many, many Thai restaurants. That being said, Daisy Mint gets my vote for the BEST Thai restaurant. Besides having to-die-for curry, their Daisy Noodle dish (although weird looking) is delicious. (Am I raving enough?)

7. Din Tai Fung in Arcadia

[photo from here]

Zach and I frequented this dumpling house almost weekly when we lived out east. And, we pretty much always got the same thing: juicy pork dumplings (dipped in vinegar) and green beans.  Thank you to Kara Piepmeyer for introducing us to these steamy, brothy little delicacies. (I'm really wishing I had a plate right now.)

8. Umami Burger in Los Feliz

[photo from here]

Better than In-N-Out. There. I said it.

9. Carmela Ice Cream in Pasadena

[photo from here]

I just tried this fabulous ice cream at the South Pasadena Farmer's Market. OMG. My life will never be the same. With delicious flavors like Cucumber Sorbet, Cardamom, Brown Butter Sage, and Salted Caramel, how could i not love it?  

10. Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills

[photo from here]

We've been frequenting Urth Caffe for years. I've always loved their fun coffee art (seen here) and their decadent entrees. More recently however, I was introduced to their pumpkin pie. (Insert happy sigh here.) I'm sorry, but your grandma's pumpkin pie doesn't even come close to the taste of this. Yum, yummers, yummy.

More to come!

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