Monday, November 28, 2011

The Stockings Are Hung

Decorating for Christmas is tricky. 

Let's be honest: the best time to buy Christmas decorations is after Christmas - when they're all on sale. (Because otherwise, who can afford to spend $8 on individual ornaments at Anthropologie, West Elm, or even Target?)

Last year after Christmas however, I was in crazy wedding planning mode. Stocking up on discounted decor was the furthest thing from my mind. 

So, this year, I had to start from scratch... on a limited budget. And, although I'll definitely be sale shopping later in December, right now I'm pretty proud of the way the apartment's looking - just with a few DIY projects.

I'm trying to keep the decorations as simple as possible.

I limited the number of hand-made ornaments we used. This way, the tree wouldn't be hidden behind a bunch of ribbon and glass.

I also incorporated these doily snowflakes throughout our living room. They were super easy to make - and have a surprisingly huge impact.

Remember this garland? He hasn't moved from his perch. And now, he even has a few new friends. 

How are you decorating this year?

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