Sunday, December 25, 2011


*To start, I want to apologize for the poor photo quality - we accidentally left our DSLR at home. So for the next week, be prepared for some awesome Instagram pictures.*

This year, I had lofty goals of giving intricately wrapped gifts to all my family members (see my ideas here.) However, I never got the chance to work on the wrapping before we arrived in Portland. 

Instead, I was left to raid my mom's wrapping stash on Christmas Eve. Here was the result: 

Not too shabby...


  1. That is *exactly* how things went with my wrapping plans. Just replace Portland with Melbourne, FL. Yours turned out great though!

  2. Awesome. Really. And the photos are great too. People are not going to want to give you any wrapped presents if you keep handing out works of art like that!


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