Sunday, December 11, 2011

Road Tripping

17 = The number of hours we spent in the car this weekend.

Zach grew up in Arizona's high desert. And this weekend, we took a trip back for a little pre-Christmas visit.

Besides sleeping, eating yummy food, and watching TV Land, on Saturday we also took a mini trip to Sedona with Zach's mom and her friend Stan.

(No trip is complete with out a few lookout stops.)

Um, seriously? Could this be any prettier? We got to enjoy this view all day - while walking around main street, eating Mexican food, and sampling fudge.

Northern Arizona is thick with American Indian history. However, we kept seeing tributes to Sacagawea. Being a die-hard Oregon Trail girl, I couldn't let this slide: just so we're all clear, Sacagawea never set foot in Arizona (Wikipedia proved me right.)

Then there were some heated discussions about Javelina. Are they pigs or rodents? Apparently they're neither. (Here, they're pink.)

Cheryle and Stan were great road-trip buddies.

Such a fun day!

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