Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saying "Thanks"

Mom, cover your eyes and ears. You're not going to like this. 

Big. Huge. Fat. Confession: We're totally those tacky people who haven't yet finished their wedding thank you notes.

I know, I know. It's already been 10 months!

I'm the quintessential procrastinator. And, during all my wedding research, I read that the bride and groom have a full year to send out their thank yous. I (obviously) took that to heart. And now, with two months to go, I'm scrambling to finish by the deadline. 

Maybe if I had some of these cute thank you notes, it would make it easier?

To all of you who gave us a wedding gift, but haven't yet received a little note in the mail, I promise: it's coming. I repeat, your thank you note is coming. We're just terrible people.

{photos from here, here, here, here & here}

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