Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Tasty Tuesday} Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Last year while planning our wedding, I started a new hobby to help relieve my stress: cupcaking. I actually got pretty good. (See for yourself here.) And, every Monday, my coworkers got to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Since I got married though, the cupcake-making has tapered off. They take a long time... they're time intensive... the fun flavor creations can be expensive... etc. etc. etc. Whatever the reason, I haven't pulled out my supplies in months.

This weekend though, in honor of my last week at work, I decided to bring back the tradition - with chocolate raspberry cupcakes (complete with raspberry filling and ganache frosting. Yummmmmm.)

When I brought them to the office, all 24 disappeared before 11am. Oh, yea. :)

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