Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meeting Joanna

There are two blogs that I read every day, without fail: Design Love Fest (by Bri Emery) and A Cup of Jo (by Joanna Goddard.) Both of these women are inspiring and wonderful - and because they've opened up their lives to me through their blogs, in a way I consider them my friends. (Although, I should probably stop talking about them like we really are friends: "So, Joanna was saying today... blah, blah, blah.")

When we were leaving for New York, I knew that both Bri and Joanna would be in the city at the same time as us (Bri was teaching a Blogshop class, and Joanna lives in the Village), but I didn't think much of it. It's a big city, right?


When exploring Brooklyn on our second day, I saw Bri walking down the street (she's kind of hard to miss) and I almost had a panic attack. I ran after her and was about to say hiiiiiii... but then, at the last minute, I chickened out. (I'm still kicking myself.) After that, Zach made me promise that if we saw Joanna I would say hello.

The rest of the week passed, and on our last day we decided to visit the West Village one last time. On our way there, we got lost on the subway - which put me in a foul mood. I felt like we'd wasted the whole morning trying to figure out where the heck we were... when low-and-behold, there she was! Joanna Goodard in the flesh, with her notorious bicycle, standing on the sidewalk! Swoon.

There was no hesitation this time. I walked up to her, introduced myself, and gushed about her blog. And, let me tell you - she was as sweet as could be. (Way nicer than some other celebrities I've met along the way.)

And, now that I've met her, I feel more entitled to consider her my friend - even if we only connect via the internet.


  1. I'm going to recommend those 2 blogs to Michelle! She'd love them...

    1. Awesome, Greg! Let me know what she thinks... :)


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