Monday, April 23, 2012

WEAR IT // Nautical Blouse

[Target earrings, Anthropologie blouse, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Vince Camuto shoes, Essie "Navigate Her" nail polish]

Straight up confession: I am the worst shopper of all time. To start, I hate shopping in general. But when I actually go, here's how my experience normally goes down:

1) I find something I like in the sale section of Anthropologie.
2) I spend 20 minutes deciding whether I actually need it.
3) After going back and forth, I buy it.
4) On the drive home, I decide it was a stupid purchase.
5) I leave the bag by the front door with the intention of returning it "the next time I'm out shopping" (which is never.)
6) I forget it's there.
7) Three months later, I realize I still haven't returned it. So, I check the receipt (which I already know says "return within 14 days") to see if I can still return it.
8) I realized I've missed the deadline.
9) The item is now mine, whether I like it or not.

I'm not gonna lie, half of the items in my closet came to me through this twisted ritual. While I was cleaning this weekend, in fact, I found the above nautical blouse (receipt and all) stashed behind my bedroom door (oops.)

Welp, now that it's mine, I'm going to wear the **** out of it.

When I initially found this blouse at Anthropologie, I was immediately attracted to its details: the swirly pattern, the beautiful buttons, the unique cut. It's different, so it stands out in a crowd (which I love.)

Since the blouse is so beautiful, I kept the rest of the outfit simple (classic bootcut jeans, nude patent pumps, gold earrings.) I did go a little crazy with my nail polish though. I've been seeing people wear such awesome colors this spring - and I wanted in on the action. So, I painted my finger/toe nails green (which is a huge stretch for someone who only ever wears shades of pink and red.)

I love that the minty green of the nail polish is a subtle compliment to the red pattern in the shirt.

Well, new shirt, welcome to the family. You'll like it here... I promise.


  1. finally someone who is not a shopaholic :) I'm joining the club! lovely outfit and I like the minty green nails :)

    1. Haha... thanks! I have to admit, I feel like I've betrayed some of my womanhood because I didn't get the "shopping" gene. :)

  2. No shame in not liking to shop! The Anthro sale rack is a goldmine on the right day. I wish we could see the top a little better though. You mention the unique shape, but it's a bit difficult to see it in the pictures since you're sitting down or it's cut off. Regardless, your photography is looking great!

    1. Good point Kait, I'll have to be careful of that next time. I really appreciate your input though - sometimes it's hard to see those things when you've been staring at the same pictures all day!


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